YourMondayMotivator: A million things, but not the right ones.

So I’ve been “working” for some time this morning and done a million things. But not one of them was writing today’s MondayMotivator.
I spent some time reading about Bruce’s “Landy”. Bruce and his mates have an awesome workshop called Area 52. It’s in England. It is a place where menfolk, sometimes with their offspring and spouse, gather to work on cars and hatch brilliant plans to make things work.
I love it! It inspires me. It has a “draw of wonder” where things you need to space something out or mount something out of the way magically appear.
I’ve had access to some very cool sheds over the years. I’m waiting for my Dad’s to be finished so we can put all his stuff back in it. Going through the boxes is going to be very cool and is sure to bring back lots of memories.
So my thought for today is we all need a place to tinker. A place to give our minds the freedom to solve complex problems. To mix work with play and create long lasting memories.
You place could be a shed, your lounge, your kitchen or your workshop. It doesn’t matter how big or small your place is just as long as there is a problem to be solved and some time and friends to do it with.
Because you never know when knowing how to work out which bit could go where, to give this some space, so that will have some clearance, will come in handy.
My best.

This weeks image: Out in Bruce’s “Landy”. That’s him in the passenger sit.
tl22 - YourMondayMotivator: A million things, but not the right ones.