YourMondayMotivator: Yah yah yah YAH!

Yah yah yah YAH yah! That’s what I can hear from the lounge as I start writing today’s MondayMotivator. That’s the sound of Alba talking to herself and at whatever toy she has.
It’s endearing. It gets your attention. Especially when she yells. YAH YAH YAH!! She is demanding some sort of interaction. It generally works right? Hard to ignore a cute little thing making endearing noises.
The interesting thing is she isn’t doing it for my listening pleasure, or my attention. In fact if you go and give her a snuggle you’ve just interupted her.
She appreciates the snuggle, the smile says that. But then she has to get back to where she was, yah yah yah.
How often do you interupt someone who’s making some sort of noise? The squeeky wheel gets the oil as they say and loud noises get our attention. It could be a big animal with very sharp teeth after all.
But what if they don’t want to be interupted? Do they need you to get involved? What if they are just making noise? Maybe a lot of it.
One thing I am learning is that too often the circle that is me gets entangled with the circle that is someone else. The trick is to let our circles touch – empathy, concern, attention, help – but not to let them overlap. That’s too involved. That leads to taking things on you shouldn’t have to. Shouldering the burden for others. It’s their burden. Teach them to handle it themselves and you will feel lighter.
This week when you hear someones version of yah yah yah stop for a second. Do they really need your attention?
This weeks image: You Them.
you them - YourMondayMotivator: Yah yah yah YAH!