YourMondayMotivator: Keeping it simple, for 350 years.

I read this morning that Punch and Judy have been around for 350 years. It’s rare that something can last this long without being tinkered or tweaked to the point it is no longer recogniseable. From what I understand the tradition is passed on to only those genuinely interested in performing and so the show has stayed intact.
It’s a simple formula. A puppeteer using two hands, a swazzle, and a slapstick tells the story of Punch baby sitting. It starts of well and descends into chaos. It’s hilarious, “slapstick”, comedy that has kids and adults from all over the World laughing their heads off.
However, keeping it simple requires practice and descipline. Plus a piece of cotton on your swazzle to pull it out if you swallow it. Keeping it simple is hard work. It’s easy to be distracted and add some fluff or extraneous part.
In my opinion we are born with an urge to be distracted. I might have even turned it into an art form on Monday mornings. But, I am getting better at recognising when I am being distracted and not working.
Facebook and it’s ilk are in the main distractions. I had the thought recently that distractions are getting a lot of recognition and becoming worth a lot of money. However they are adding nothing of value to the World. Unless you consider distraction is valuable. They are just building distractions, good ones, and making a lot of money.
I really do digress there. So to sum up. Keeping things simple is hard but by practicing the simple stuff over and over it becomes like meditation and something more than just what you are doing. That shows and it means something to others because also in us is a respect for those who keep it simple and strive for quality.
This weeks image: Traditional Punch and Judy and booth.
500px swanage punch and judy - YourMondayMotivator: Keeping it simple, for 350 years.