YourMondayMotivator: One BIG difference between amateurs and professionals

James Clear recently wrote, “Professionals set a schedule and stick to it. Amateurs wait until they feel inspired or motivated.

That’s a big difference.

Schedules and plans are the sign you’re on a mission and will get the job done or reach your goal. Hoping and wishing will get you nowhere.

There is a big idea out there that visualising the life you want will mean the Universe aligns itself to your command and things will start to happen that means you get what you want.

However there is a big caveat to that. You probably missed the part where it says you will get what you want but it might not be in the form you wished for.

Hmmmm. That doesn’t sound like you are guaranteed to get what you wanted.

The part that is missing that will guarantee you get what you wanted is practice, work, focus and observation. Professionals know this and they take the steps that need to be taken.

In my experience when I want something bad enough, that I’m thinking about it all the time, I start to notice things that align with that thing. People, actions and discussions open up opportunities I didn’t know, or hadn’t noticed, were there before.

But it takes work. I have to stick to it and want it long enough for the momentum to build to a point where I can’t help but get it. In the case of my Lamborghini Gallardo that is going to be some time yet. But it will happen and there are other projects to do in the meantime.

So, are you a professional in the job you turned up to or the thing you are passionate about?

Are you really?

Are you doing the work that is the difference between a professional and a dreamer?

Making the step up to professional might not mean your Lydia Ko or Joseph Parker. But it might mean you do more and get more than you than your dreams could ever provide.

Have a great week.