How do you rate yourself?

tuned - How do you rate yourself?

Are you tuned or highly tuned and performing at your best?

How many stars would you give yourself out of five?

Reading an article about shopping mall ratings makes me think about how many stars I would give myself.

If Westfield Albany got five stars and Lynnmall got two stars what was the difference between the two that made Albany the place to shop? It seems that Lynmall needs a ‘spit and polish’ and some money invested into it to get it back up to scratch. It wasn’t performing at its full potential because of
these factors.

Is that you? Do you need a spit and polish, and are you investing any time and money into making sure you perform at your full potential?

In my image today you can see a ‘tuned’ MINI and a ‘highly tuned’ MINI. Which one would you like to be?

Today give yourself a rating out of five stars. Be totally honest, then work out what time, money or effort you need to invest to achieve your five star rating.

Have a terrific week. (I gave myself four stars!)