MM – Shut Down Some Programs

computer sml - MM - Shut Down Some Programs
Your brain is one of the most powerful computers on the planet. As of May 2008 there is believed to be 6.7 Billion more. I am talking about your brain.

When you are awake you have multiple programs running – breathing (always good), heart beating, seeing and hearing etc. We then might run the program of driving to work and once that is finished run the program of sitting at our desk.

However what we try and do is have lots of programs running at once and so, like a computer with too many windows open, our brain slows down.

We are not good at multi-tasking.

Because when we multi-tasking we are not doing those jobs to the best of our ability. Our brain has slowed down trying to do too many things at once.

To be more efficient, and do a better job, we should do one thing at a time.

This week try it yourself. Concentrate on one job at a time. You will be surprised at how efficient you become and how well you do things.