BURST the bubble

bubble sml - BURST the bubble

Are you living in a bubble?

Todays MondayMotivator has probably reached you at your work bubble.

Which you got to in your car bubble, after leaving your home bubble. This evening you will most probably drive in your car bubble, to your gym bubble, or supermarket bubble, and then back to your home bubble.

Think about this for a minute. Thats a lot of bubbles. But your still, in a bubble.

Take a look around you and see who is there. If your in an office by yourself have a good look at your office.

Right. This is your work bubble. Do you like it? I’m grateful I do. But I do have to burst it sometimes and so I either go for a walk to the coffee shop up the road – my coffee shop bubble – or organise a meeting with someone.

Because you never know what is going to happen when you burst your bubble. I meet all sorts of interesting people walking up to, from and at the coffee shop. And at meetings I get inspired and come up with new ideas, or rehash old ones to make them better.

Opportunites will come when you burst your bubble. Walk instead of drive. Turn left instead of right. Make time to see your friends and clients.

Burst a bubble today and have terrific week.