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A lot of us make goals and some of us even plan to, or have a plan to, achieve those goals. However I’m not sure they are always the right goals.
The other night I wrote in my journal I needed to make some ‘soul’ goals. Not just learning and earning ones. I had a fair idea what I meant at the time but after pondering it I realised I was a little bit off the mark. I want to set goals that enable me to have awesome experiences.
Recently I watched a video about Core Influence by Frank Kern. Frank is an Internet Marketer, one of the best, and he talked about the difference between surface goals and core goals.
Surface goals are the things that pop into your head when someone asks you what you want in life. I want to be rich, sit on a beach, watch endless sunsets etc. That kind of stuff. He then explains that is just the surface stuff and it won’t make you happy when you get them.
What you really want is the experience that stuff gives you. … Think about that for a minute. …
In my opinion it’s true.
Why do I want a Lamborghini Gallardo? To look cool? Nope, most people will think I look like a tosser and my wife will think it’s a fat waste of money. I want the experience of driving a Lamborghini. Now having driven a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 I know the experience matches the want and I want one even more. Maybe not the best example but I am willing to do the hard work needed to get one.
This week think about your goals and ask yourself if they are what you really desire. Take a leaf out of Franks book and write down what your perfect ‘average” day looks like if there were no limitations or consequences. The ‘average’ part is really important because you will be living this day every day.
Have fun with this and have a great week.
My best.
P.S. Watch the video here. It’s a few hours long so you might have to skip Shorty or Coro to watch it.
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