YourMondayMotivator: Senna and Fathers Day ’11

Fathers Day, the most under rated day of the year. The Day when men all around New Zealand who don’t get even a card from their family say it’s ok.

No it’s not!

Grow some guys. I heard that a few times over the weekend and it irked me. Mainly because I know Mothers Day is a big deal. “Oh the pain I went through to have you” etc. Yes we know and we think it’s great but how about the Dads.

Anyway I spent the day with Dad and we went and saw the Senna movie. WOW! Even if you don’t like cars you should see this movie.

In my opinion F1 at that time is the pinnacle of the sport. Blistered hands, knackered drivers battling not only each other but their cars. 1200 horsepower monsters that todays current crop have difficulty understanding how they went so fast let alone drive. There is some footage from Senna’s cockpit as he drives through Monaco one handed because of all the gear changes. Amazing!

However what really inspired me was his focus and honesty about himself. He was scared, he stood up for others who couldn’t do it for themselves, he loved his family and he loved racing. There is a scene when he is asked, Who is or has been the driver you got the most satisfaction of racing against…past or present?”.

The answer that popped into my head, and I’m sure that of everyone else was Prost. However, his answer was Terry Fullerton. He talked about ’78 and ’79 when he was go kart racing. Pure racing he called it. No money, no politics, pure racing.

There would have been a time that what you do had no assisting aids, no politics, and was just pure [insert job here]. Think about that time often. It will help you remember why you do what you do, keep you grounded, and focused on your goals.