YourMondayMotivator: You need a notebook

Do you know when inspiration is going to hit you %%First Name%%? I’m asking because I don’t. It comes of out of nowhere like a flash of lightning and then it’s gone.
Inspiration is when you wake up inspired from the stupor of everyday Life and have a “brilliant idea”.
Those moments can be few or far between so you have to capture them quickly on whatever you have handy. Because stuff, things to do, quickly get in the way. Mundane things can take priority over getting ideas written down. That’s a waste and can be depressing. You get the feeling you missed out on something – a different life perhaps.
moleskine - YourMondayMotivator: You need a notebook
These aren’t just the normal “Oh that’s right I need to do this ..”. I’m talking about the ideas that fire your imagination and give you a sudden boost of energy.
You’ve felt that right? That massive boost when from out of the depths of your imagination comes an idea that inspires you.
I like those moments. They literally seem to embody the meaning of the word “inspire”.
If you like those moments you need something handy to capture them on so you can come back to them. Those moments, or ideas, will always give you a boost even you don’t action them. Just the reading of them can be enough to put a spring in your step or a smile on your face because they are yours. They came from you.
This week work out what you will keep handy to capture those moments. Be it a notebook, phone, or scraps of paper and keep them handy. Because if you don’t it’s gone. That’s annoying.
Have a great week.

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