YourMondayMotivator: Why I think dying sucks … and what I’m doing about it.

Bit of an attention grabbing headline I know, but it’s something I discuss everyso often and some people think the same way. I say some people because others believe they are heading somewhere else or maybe hanging around.
So dying sucks because I don’t get to see what happens next. I don’t get to experience the wonders of the future. And in that way I envy my grandparents. They have seen more change than I think I will ever see and they have left behind a lot.
back to the future - YourMondayMotivator: Why I think dying sucks ... and what I'm doing about it.
Yesterday I was thinking about what I will leave behind and I realised the only relevant thing that might stick around is the MondayMotivator.
This is because my decendents will have long forgotten about me but people might keep discovering my musings on the Internet. That’s a really interesting thought. It made me think that I need to keep the quality of these up as high as I can, every week.
That’s a big challenge.
So %%First Name%%, have a think about what is going to be left for people to discover about you in 200 years …
That thought puts a smile on my face. Hmmm, what could I leave. … Get thinking. Get creative. And maybe it won’t suck so much to not see what happens because you know they will smile when they discover what you left for them.
Have a great week.