YourMondayMotivator: Why lists work … sometimes.

Lists. Love them or loathe them they really do work, sometimes.
Why sometimes? I was thinking about lists over the weekend because we made one for the house and one for the office. They were long.
list - YourMondayMotivator: Why lists work ... sometimes.
The house one had lots that were doable if the weather played nice. It didn’t. So off to the office we went.
We were going to go down in the morning to check out what to do and then head back after Alba’s sleep to crack into it. That didn’t happen so we made a list and headed down.
Here’s where I discovered when lists don’t work. There were other things that weren’t on the list that needed to be done. So, even though the items on the list were important, there were things that had to be done before they could be. Things that we hadn’t counted on.
Uh oh!
I’m positive wars have been started over lists. We did what we could but ended up having to leave with a grumpy baby. Good news was she’d learned a new trick – how to climb stairs. That was something we hadn’t counted on and another thing to add to the list – baby proof stairs.
So my point for today. Before you make your list do a recce of the place, situation or job. Make sure you have the most up to date information you can get your hands on. Then make your list and start doing things straight away. Crack into the jobs on your list before the situation changes. Do that and lists will be your friend.
Have a great week.

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