YourMondayMotivator: Where are you on the Moral Scale?

If you saw someone lying in a pool of blood after being beaten for no reason other than they were there. What would you do?

1. Help them.
2. Pretend to help them while rifliing through their bag and stealing their stuff.
3. Walk past, look, but don’t interfere.
The above is a shortened version of a story I read in Dr Kerry Spackman’s book The Ant and the Ferrari. The Moral Scale numbers 1 – 5. Starting from Level 1 it’s all about you. For example a baby. Level 5 is about Society and the wider impact of your actions. For example Mother Teresa.
Level 5 = Society
Level 4 = People I don’t know
Level 4 = People I know
Level 2 = Important people
Level 1 = Me.
The story is true and happened during the London Riots. The entire scene was captured on CCTV and tells us alot about why the riots happened and why our society is the way it is.
There is a large portion of society who have not yet progressed past Level 1 on the Moral Scale. This is because no one is teaching them ethics. No one is teaching them the wider impact their selfish actions have.
This is a failing of society as a whole. Not the individual. And yet we continue to focus on Level 1 stuff in this country. There is a very small percentage of very vocal, and lawyered up , people who continue the idea that we owe them. In most situations, we don’t. This continued battle is holding the country up.
It might seem like I’m on my high horse about this this morning. Make no mistake, I am. I readily admit I am not a consistent Level 5. My Moral Level does go up an down depending on the situation.
The difference is I’m noticing where I am. I’m working on changing it and I am asking you to do the same. Think about the wider impact your actions have. Pass that idea on to everyone who can and maybe we will have change.
Before I finish I believe it’s easier to be a Level 5 if you eschew all material goods or have sorted yourself out money wise. I understand being desperate makes moving up the Moral Scale difficult. But I also believe even when you’re desperate making better decisions based knowing what your actions will cause will move you forward faster.
Have a great week.
My best.
P.S. Please read last weeks post as I have updated it with more information about Conductive Education and things happening in the Waikato.