YourMondayMotivator: What’s a little pressure between friends, and countrymen. Plus Glow Kids.

Last week MM reader KrisC gave me a call about the Olympics and we were discussing the athletes who, under a lot of pressure, somehow pulled one out of the bag. Athletes who weren’t even really in the running and yet hit their peak at the perfect time.

I got to thinking that you need to put a bit of pressure on yourself to perform and that we all cruise a bit much. We do. Think about it for a second … whatever you have been doing this morning you could have put in more effort right? Paid a bit more attention.
I know I could have.
But not the MM. That’s not something I can do half-arsed because people will let me know, quickly. It needs to go out on time. It has to be written. That’s a lot of pressure for me. And sometimes it gets the best of me. I get quite ratty if it’s not flowing and have to lock myself away.
But I always get it done. Even with gritted teeth. And the result is sometimes better than I first thought.
So, put yourself under pressure. Make a promise to someone. Tell people what you’re going to do and be accountable. That’s a scary thought for a lot of people. But not you right?
Have a great week.
My best.
P.S. Jasmine Platt is a very long time reader of the MondayMonday and asked me if I could tell you about Glow Kids and the fundraising events that need to be done this year to cover a funding shortfall. Conductive Education is for children/people with motor disorders of a neurological origin, such as cerebral palsy – and in Auckland is run for young children by GlowKids in Sandringham.
Jasmines daughter Mylee attends Conductive Education (run by Glow Kids). She has a serious neurological condition that means she won’t develop if she doesn’t receive intensive therapy.
Jasmine doesn’t know this but I have been to the Conductive Education Centre in Sandringham several times and it’s an amazing place.
I have seen kids grow in leaps and bounds from the efforts put in by the Conductors. My Dad also benefits from Conductive Education at INRF in Henderson.
So how can you help?
By joining in the fun of a Quiz Night – on Friday September 14th. It’s going to be held at 7.30pm at the Ponsonby Rugby Club. Tickets are $20 per person and there tables of 6. There will be a cash bar, nibbles provided, raffles, heaps of prizes, and a silent auction.
Contact Jasmine for more details and to book ticket: 021 37 5050 or [email protected]
Later this month they are running an advanced screening of’Hysteria’. If you don’t know what this movie is about watch the trailer here. I will let you know when they have a date.
Do one or both, or just pass this message on, and help smiles like this glowing. Glenn
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I’ve been told the movie night for Glowkids is happening on the 6th September at the Bridgeway Theatre Northcote, tickets only $25 and that includes a glass of wine on arrival!
CLICK HERE to download the flyer.

MM Reader Murray Beer has written to me about Streetworks and Conductive Education in Hamilton.

Streetworks is an organisation started in Hamilton by a group of christian Waikato University students confronted by poverty & need in Hamilton & motivated to do something to help. This has developed into an organisation that stages a number of volunteer events each year serving a range of needs & working with a variety of referring agencies. Needy families & the organisations are helped with things like;
Preparation & delivery of emergency meals
Chopping & delivery of firewood
Backyard clean ups
Internal house clean ups
Planting vegetable gardens
Building fences
Rubbish collection
There are other events that are hard to define as one-liners too such as the Clothes Swap a kind of benevolent Op Shop on steroids. If you want to check out what Streetworks is about have a look at their website & facebook page
Regarding the Conductive Education site in Hamilton, here are the notes from Streetwork’s website (Link;
Conductive Education is a charitable pre-school that works with children who have neuro/motor disorders providing specialized education and learning practices. These guys do amazing work but don’t receive any funding from the government or the Ministry of Education. They currently need some maintenance work done around their grounds (including gardening, removing plants, painting the building, fixing the roof). We are also hoping to help them with a few extras – building a special swing, constructing a security fence and painting a mural. On the event day, we also plan to run some fun and games for the kids who attend Conductive Education. Feel free to check out their website to learn more about Conductive Education