YourMondayMotivator: When your best isn’t enough

Thanks to a friends MySky we were able to watch the Crusaders vs Reds game yesterday morning.

What a game. Hard, tough and not at all like the game of chess some pundits equate the game of Rugby to. There was a lot of skill displayed and the Crusaders had the first half to themselves but at the final whistle it was the Reds who had won.

The Crusaders played in a hostile environment with some support in the stadium and the thoughts, and pressure, of Canterbury behind them. It wasn’t enough. They gave their best and lost.

So what happens when your best isn’t good enough? They are professional players and get paid to get back on the horse as it were. But what about you, how do you get back in the game?

In my opinion having a definite purpose is what keeps you going. It’s knowing you are still on track to get what you want that gives you the courage to get up in the morning and into the day.

That purpose need not be to save the world or the starving. It might be to earn $100 a week extra, or spend an hour a night with your kids this week, or make 10 sales calls a day. Because if you focus all your efforts on doable goals like that they add up to a great life.

Your dreams will be bigger, they should be. And by having big dreams, that keep you awake at night, it means you will understand that giving your best might not always get you home first but it will get you home.

My best.


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