YourMondayMotivator: ABUNDANCE!

You might wondering why I was shouting my subject line this morning. An abundance mentality is something I work hard to keep. This is despite the best efforts of lots of people, well meaning people, educated people, who think from a scarcity mindset.

However, in my opinion this viewpoint has been disproven many times. One recent time was the 70’s oil crisis. By the 70’s cars had got to the point of being awesome gas guzzling monstrosities. In 1973 people got a huge shock when they thought petrol was going to run out. Cars changed. Toyota and Honda got a good toehold with their smaller and more economical cars and they (vehicles) have been getting even more economical since.

I just realised that’s not very recent and totally biased by my love of cars. So here’s how having an abundance mentality might apply to you.

Today there are more opportunities out there to make something of yourself than you can shake a very large stick at. And that self can be anything you want it to be.

For example there is a guy in Motueka who has finished creating the ultimate 3D flight simulator. He started in his house, thanks to his very supportive wife, and it has grown into an amazing piece of world renowned technology.

Abundance is everywhere if you look. There is a saying; Water the root, enjoy the fruit, that might help keep you focused on abundance. Keep watering the root, your brain and body, by eating well, being happy, reading and taking on board good information. And you will enjoy the fruit all the time.

My best.


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