YourMondayMotivator: We need more Chris Anderson’s

New Zealand needs more guys like Chris Anderson to be able to make it here in New Zealand and not have to head off overseas to be accepted.

Hitting it rich for $50m | Courier Mail

Big Wednesday winners don’t take the cars and Lotto winners don’t hang on to their money. Why? In my opinion it’s because of a lack of financial intelligence and self confidence that hasn’t been passed on or taught to them.

 It takes serious self confidence to put up with the associated ribbing and envy that comes from doing well in New Zealand. Chris came back to his home town in 2007 and showed kids what a million dollars looks like. Yes it was a stunt but imagine being a kid in the room. You could see the money, touch it, know it’s real and that it’s possible to make it.

 So as I said we need more Chris Anderson’s to make it here and we all need to have more financial intelligence and confidence to pass onto the next generation. It’s empowering and will develop great kids that will stay here and grow our country.

My best.