YourMondayMotivator: Magpie Moments

I’m a bit late this morning but with a great excuse, we’ve moved office and still had some stuff to set up. And if you’re in Auckland, wow, what is up with the weather. Not the best at all. Anyhoo excuse over.

You might be wondering what I mean by Magpie Moments. Magpie Moments are distractions disguised as big shiny opportunities.

I used to be distracted a lot by thinking these great opportunities weren’t distractions, they were side by side with what I was doing at the time. Plus there was money in them so they couldn’t be all bad. It got better when I decided to focus just on managed email marketing but I still had moments.

That all changed when I started with earlier this year, made a plan, and keep sticking to it. Having a plan (and a baby on the way??) makes Magpie Moments easy to spot and even easier to say no to: thats not part of the plan, move along.

This is not to say that a plan cannot be flexible. The world is moving so fast I believe it is hard to look too far ahead and know where you will be. But having an idea and plan puts you ahead of almost 95% of the population and knowing where you want to end up makes getting there all the more interesting.

Think about your plan this week, start telling people so you have some accountability, and then get cracking. Just the discipline of sticking to the plan will be an awesome experience for you.