YourMondayMotivator – Testing

Todays subject is testing. Partly because I am testing out my new email marketing software and partly because as I started to test my system I realised we are constantly testing ourselves or being tested.

A great example of this is kids. They are always testing us and themselves. Pushing the boundary’s until they come up against a firm stop. The best way to help and encourage them is to provide a safe environment to do it because they will, no matter how much cotton wool they are wrapped in.

At what point though do we stop testing ourselves?

Have a think about that for a moment ….

How often do you test yourself to see where you’re at?

Having my own business is a constant test. Sales calls, negotiations and meetings all test my limits of knowledge, patience and experience.

Over the weekend I did some exercise that really pushed me and I was really feeling it last night. In fact I’m still feeling it today but I am also happy I did push the heck out of myself instead of just doing the movements. The sore muscles is worth it to know I can still give 100% right to the last second.

Devise some tests for yourself today and stick at them until you get 100%. Driving home without getting frazzled is a great test and one you can try today.

Have a great week.