YourMondayMotivator – Kids these days

Kids these days. How we all despair sometimes when they drink themselves stupid or drive like they are possesssed.

But there are always exceptions. Always kids who can inspire you if you listen to them.

I travelled to Christchurch last Friday and sat next to a PhD student on the way down and a teenager at the Football Academy on the way home.

The PhD student was featured on Campbell Live last year setting up exhaust fume measuring devices all over the place that are hooked up to the Internet. Very cool stuff.

However it was the 16 year old football playing teenager who was really inspirational. I sat down next to this kid with his iPod ear plugs firmly in his ears. He took them out to listen to the safety message and I said gidday.

The conversation that followed covered everything from the fights he had had at the beginning of the year, to the weekly Sports Psychology lesson, to goals he has.

He really inspired me to be more focused and I learnt a few things off him. One I will pass onto you.

When you practice something do it the best you can every time. Marking something out or doing it at 70% will not develop the pathways in your brain needed to cement it in your sub conscious. Doing it the best you can everytime develops the pathways that make it second nature. And that is what you want because we are at our best when we don’t have to think about some it just happens.

Have a great week and strike up a conversation with a kid. You might be pleasantly surprised at what they can teach you.