YourMondayMotivator: Question things

Good morning.
For the first time in five years I am going to take a break from writing the MondayMotivator and have one week off. So the first MondayMotivator for 2009 will be on the 5th January.
I am going to take the time to question things and I suggest you might do the same. Have a notebook handy and ask yourself questions like; Why am I doing this, Why did I react like that, Am I happy doing this, or What will I learn from this?
Question everything. Because there is proof you were programmed to be who are today by the time you were seven. Not 16, not 21, not 30 – seven. These holidays question things to see whether you might be expressing something that you learned before you were seven or are you conciously creating your life?
Have a terrific Christmas and thank you. Thank you for  reading the MondayMotivator this year and for your inspirational and exceptional feedback. I do not get a chance to personally reply to everyone but I want you know I read every email.
Safe travels, see you in the New Year.