YourMondayMotivator: Out of Office replies

Every week when I send my MondayMotivator a tad early I get a lot of Out of Office replies.

This got me thinking about what people are doing at 8.30 in the morning and why aren’t they at work.

It happens a lot more in the holidays. It’s amazing how many people aren’t at work during the school holidays. Are they all rich or do they work to live and not live to work and really enjoy their kids and holidays.

One opinion is you will never be really wealthy if you are on holiday all the time and yet the opposite is sometimes true. This is because when you set yourself time limits to do things you generally get them done in the allotted time.

Take school exams. You have a few hours to complete a set of questions and you work like a demon to get through them and get the best mark you can. But in real life we tend to procrastinate and take our time. Things take ages to get done.

So what about those people who I get all the Out of Office replies from. Are they dropping their kids off at school, are they setting limits on the time they are in the office, or do they check their emails later in the day? The answers are endless.

All I know was it got me thinking about time limits and how to be successful, and get things done on time, we have to set ourselves deadlines. Set yourself some deadlines this week on a few jobs and work hard to stick to them.

I think the results will impress you. Have a great week.