YourMondayMotivator: Doing what you said you would

Yesterday we were driving past Ascension Vineyard and spotted a huge line up of Lamborghini’s. We pulled over and I took a few photo’s of the cars and the pick of the bunch for me was a 1968 400GT 2+2.
You might know that I am really into cars and that my favourite marque is Lamborghini. So seeing them was very cool.
The 400GT was the first Lamborghini with a little bit of Kiwi in each one. Bob Wallace was a Auckland hot rodder who said he would like to go to Italy one day and actually did. Doing what he said he wanted to do and changing the car world forever by doing so.
Bob crewed for an Italian racing team during the Tasman series,  became friends with them, and headed to Europe. Over there a friend of his convinced him to stay at Lamborghini and his DNA has been in them ever since. His test driving and mechanical knowledge helping shape Lamborghini engineering. In my opinion by getting over to Europe, and doing extremely well as a mechanic, Bob opened the door for other Kiwi mechanics to go.
How often do we say we are going to do something and things get in the way and we don’t do them. Someone once said, “After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done.”
I think one way to not get caught in this trap is to keep a journal and set goals. Write your wildest stuff in your journal. The craziest most far out things you want to do and keep them to yourself. Then whan you have written about them, dreamed and schemed and formed a plan. Set them as a goal and tell everyone you can. You never know you might be able to help and you too could change the world.
Have a great week.
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