YourMondayMotivator: Inspirational teenager

Over the past seven months I have been following Australian teenager Jessica Watson on her solo and unassisted round the world yacht voyage. I actually started following her before she left because I could believe that she was going to be allowed to go.

That all changed for me when I watched an interview with her. Here was a sixteen year old the likes of the world probably hasn’t seen for a long time. An adventurer with a mild manner and the heart of a Lion. I was excited I could be part of her amazing trip by following her blog and Facebook updates. The trip was incredible. Six knockdowns, 210 days alone, over 21,000 nautical miles travelled.

Some things she said in her speech really resonated with me because I write about them a lot, dreams. Jessica disagreed with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saying she wasn’t a special or a hero she was just a girl with a dream. Then she said something that I think is a great lesson for all of us and the perfect way to put it;

“Have a dream. Believe in it and work hard.”

Simple yet profound words from the amazing girl from the Sunshine coast. She had a dream, she believed in it so much others believed in her, she worked hard so that others got in behind her and worked with her too.

Download a background I have put together here. Print it out so you will remember these words, “Have a dream. Believe in it and work hard.”

Have a great week.


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