YourMondayMotivator: Driving Force

Sometimes in the weekend I really just want to sit on my butt. Long weeks and lots of time driving will do that to anyone.

There is always stuff to do though and this weekend was no exception – painting the exterior of our house. Great, just what we all want to do with the specter of rain over our heads.

What I found difficult on the first day was starting. Not getting out of bed and getting ready, but actually getting all the paint and equipment out and starting. Lauren though was all, “Let’s go!”, and of course I had to.

I got into the preparation and I realised painting is very satisfying work. You can see what you have done and at the end of the weekend the house was coated in Whakarewarewa Half.

But what was my driving force? What got me started? A lot was Lauren but mostly it was the urge to do something and the thought that sitting on my butt wouldn’t get anything done.

Can you identify your driving force? Spend some time this week thinking about what it that drives you in different situations and write them down. Remind yourself of what they are from time to time and it will make it a lot easier to get off your butt and do something. The end result will be very satisfying.

Have a great week.