YourMondayMotivator: Forgot my power cord

I rushed out of the office on Friday to get home for a Telecom guy and forgot the power cord for my laptop.


Laptop batteries don’t last that long and it was dying fast. What to do? I googled whether or not I could use another Apple devices’ USB charger, nope. Oh no! Big decision now was to go back to the office or not. I chose not because I had lots to do and a full Saturday ahead.

Saturday without it was easy. We had a very full day and then came Sunday. The weather was yuck and a great day to catch up on work. But I wasn’t keen to spend an hour plus in the traffic to pick it up.

You could be thinking I’ve just wasted some of your precious time. However I have a point and a lot of time to think about this. In my opinion we work too much at the weekend, on nothing.

During the week we do busy work. Not work that moves us towards our goals. We generally have 40 – 50 hours a week at the office and yet can’t get everything done. I know you’re thinking how can I with all the interuptions, staff issues, meetings and crazy customers getting in the way.

I could check my emails on my phone and had the realisation that there was nothing that couldn’t wait until Monday. That meant I was more present at home instead of worrying about things I couldn’t do anything about. Because not having the power cord meant I couldn’t do anything about it. The world didn’t stop spinning.

Like you I find this hard because I’m not the centre of the Universe I thought I was. And nor are you. It’s a hard one to swallow and you might not be able to do it every day but the more you can the more I think you will relax and have fun.

So I’m thinking I might have to leave my power cord at work more often, focus doing one or two things a day that move me forward, or get a spare for home as suggested by Lauren … 😉