YourMondayMotivator: Fathers Day + bacon and eggs.

Fathers Day. You know it just doesn’t seem to have the same ‘oompf’ as Mothers Day. Maybe because men are like the chickens in a meal of bacon and eggs, and women are the pigs.
Stay with me here.
In a meal of bacon and eggs the chicken is involved, eggs, but the pig is committed, bacon.
bacon eggs - YourMondayMotivator: Fathers Day + bacon and eggs.
There is a big difference between being involved and being committed and the bacon and egg story illustrates it very well. You’re probably reading this at work now and ready to launch into the week. So have a think for a second – are you going to be committed today, or just involved?
If you want to raise your energy levels, move forward and be ‘awake’, you need to be a Pig. Commit yourself to what you are doing and the difference will be staggering. You won’t be able to do it 100% all the time but if you aim for that every day your life will change. Relationships will become easier. Work will be exciting, engaging.
It does take a change of mindset to become committed. I’m not syaing it’s easy. But the results will be huge.
Have a great week.
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