YourMondayMotivator – Work at speed

Last weeks lesson from my business advisor was speed. That is working at pace with faster turnaround times for quotes and decisions.
He had been in San Francisco for the week working with some well-known New Zealand start-ups and realised the biggest difference between New Zealand and US business was the pace it’s done at.
People over there are working quickly. Everything is done with a sense of urgency New Zealand business people seem to lack. Maybe it’s the beaches, barbeques and lifestyle we all enjoy.
teamnz speed - YourMondayMotivator - Work at speed
However, after thinking about where I could employ that thinking in my business I realised as an online company we are already working at a faster pace than most. The speed at which things can be measured, tweaked and changed is far faster than most businesses. That’s an advantage for our clients.
So this week think about where you could add more pace in what you do. Could you make decisions faster? Could you get back to people faster? Where could speeding up make a difference that will add value to your life and those around you as you become more decisive and more energised.
Have a great week.
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