YourMondayMotivator: 9/11 and the Rugby World Cup

A lot of people are writing about their 9/11 experience and after my initial kneejerk reaction it seems to me that it is very cathartic for them. They’re not just jumping on the bandwagon. These people really need to let their feelings out.

Some of the stories are incredible tales of rescue, some of loss, and some of heroism in the face of very bad odds.

Watching the emotions on George Bush’s face as he is told about the situation, while sitting in a classroom of kids, is quite something. The way he held it together is a lesson in itself. You might not like him but, at a time when he needed to think first and not scare the heck out of a bunch of kids, it is quite something to watch.

9/11 was my generations Kennedy moment and apart from winning the World Cup in 1987 something that is very hard for me to forget.

And so that brings us to the Rugby World Cup. WOW! What a great opening ceremony from the safety of our friends lounge. Definitely the best way to see everything that that was happening. There was a pretty good game of rugby that happened that night too but it was overshadowed by the fireworks around the world when Sonny Bill changed his shirt.

There is a lot of patriotism around New Zealand right now. Something we generally don’t see in our country. Usually it only comes out when we are overseas. In my opinion our kids are seeing something very cool right now that shows how proud we all are to be Kiwi’s. Something we don’t usually do.

I’m looking forward to watching some good rugby and seeing what is up our sleeve for the closing ceremony.

Have a great week and go the All Blacks!