Why I’m behind in the news

tv - Why I'm behind in the news

I wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence. There’s a knob called “brightness,” but that doesn’t work.
I’m always behind in the news. Mostly because I very rarely watch it.

My reason: Watching the news every day has been proven to give you a skewed view on life. A University of Florida professor, C. John Sommerville, recently wrote a book about it,stating, ‘it can make you dumb!’

Here are a few disadvantages of watching the daily news taken from Sommerville’s new book:

1. You shouldn’t watch the news first thing in the morning or just before bed because it encourages feelings of sadness, grumpiness, and anger. Watching the news colors how you see the world with its broad strokes of death, destruction, betrayal, and hopelessness.

2. You shouldn’t watch the news because judging, making wrong conclusions, assuming, and extrapolating incorrectly are all automatic. When you watch the news, you’re rarely given the full story. You don’t know what’s really going on, why things happened, or who was involved.

3. You shouldn’t watch the news because when you’re talking to people and you focus solely on the news, you lose the opportunity to really connect with others. When you watch the news, you’re less likely to share information about your life, hobbies, activities, and struggles.

4. You shouldn’t watch the news because it steals time from family, hobbies, pets, goals, relationships, and other interesting and fun stuff in life! When you watch the news, you’re not pursuing your goals or hanging out with your friends.

Don’t watch the news this week, read a book or spend the time with your family. The doom and gloom will melt away and you will have a new, positive perspective on life.