A Positive Attitude amongst the doom and gloom

floating sml - A Positive Attitude amongst the doom and gloom
Oh, my friend, it’s not what they take away from you that counts. It’s what you do with what you have left. Hubert Humphrey
Last night I was watching Sunday on TV One and saw one of the best examples of creativity coming from a positive attitude.

The piece was about how the property market is about to ‘crash’ and one of the people they interviewed started off saying he had got in too deep and brought too many houses at once that he couldn’t sell. At this stage I am thinking to myself, ‘Here we go, another doom and gloom story.’

Now here’s the bit that made me sit up and pay attention. He is stuck with a huge mortgage and has six weeks to sell or lose everything. He comes up with the brilliant, creative idea to rent out the houses by the room.

Problem solved.
Now he’s getting a return of 15% and is buying more houses. This idea came to him because he decided to stay positive and keep in mind there was a way out of his predicament.

Think of a problem you have. Now look at it from all angles with a positive attitude. You will be surprised and amazed at what ideas will come to you in that state of mind.