Why I write

After last weeks MondayMotivator I got some excellent feedback about how you think. That then got me thinking about why I write the MondayMotivator. I made a few notes during the week and came up with the following.
First and foremost I write the MondayMotivator to get me thinking every week. Doing this sometimes helps me come up with answers to whats going on in my life.
Then I edit my thoughts and put it in this email for you to read and think about. That’s the hardest part. Getting a thought across in as few words as possible without diluting my point.
Why do I want you to think? Thinking can be fun, creative, give you clarity and help you come up with solutions. Someone once said that thinking is one of the hardest things to do and that is why so few people do it. Take time to think.
The other reason I write is that I wish for you is for you to grow. To grow as a human. To grow and be bigger and more unfettered than you thought you could ever be. Not be like a Bonsai Tree that grows but is strangled and stymied by both its container and by constant pruning and training.
What I write might not be in agreeance with your world view all the time but it hopefully makes you pause and think and create a neural pathway in your brain you might explore at a later date.
We are here to grow and thinking is the one sure way I know of that can help with that.
Have a terrific week.