Be realistic Glenn

There is a phrase that really annoys me – be realistic. Todays MondayMotivator is going to be a little bit of a rant about the destruction wrought by that seemingly innocuous phrase.

Words are powerful. Words stir emotions. Words change lives. Words misused are like daggers to the heart, deadly.

Yes we can! Barack Obama’s simple catch phrase moved a nation. Time for change moved ours.

Did being realistic get you to where you are today? I suspect for some it might. My question is why? Why did you allow yourself to be fettered by those who would see you grounded. Live by the words of those who would give you wings and be unrealistic. The world is changed by unrealistic people. Bill Gates had a vision of a computer on every desk and in every home. Would computer technology be where it is today if he had been realistic?

Be realistic. When you hear that phrase or it comes from your mouth, pause, think why am I saying this or why is this person saying it to me. It only takes a second but that second is enough to shield you from its harm.