This week's MondayMotivator – There is no-one coming

mm21092020 - This week's MondayMotivator - There is no-one coming
Your new baby is crying, it’s the middle of the night, you’re tired and you have no idea what to do.
There is no one coming.
You have a major life decision to make and only 5 minutes to make it because you put it off for so long.
There is no one coming.
In fact, in every part of your life once you’ve left the baby bubble it should have become apparent that no one is coming.
No matter how much you would love someone else to make that decision for you because you think they will make a better decision than you. No one is going to. You’re on your own buddy, and you better get used to it.
You might consider that the idea that no one is coming would embolden people to make their own decisions and trust themselves to make good ones. But that’s not always the case. Maybe it’s a device to get some attention. However, those people don’t appear to realise that even making no decision is a decision.
The thing is you’ve got to where you’re reading this from today by making a ton of great decisions. So, you must be pretty good at it! You’re breathing and reading after all.
Consider there no good or bad decisions. There are only decisions that either move you backwards or forwards. I expect the fear comes from not always knowing which way they’re going to go.
You need to trust yourself.
And, allow yourself to change your mind as you assess the information coming at you from the decision you made.
It’s ok to change your mind.
Over the years I’ve really struggled with that concept as people feel they need to have input once you’ve changed your mind. But, they haven’t had the experience you’ve had that made you change your mind. They’re well out of the loop and might have not seen you for days or weeks since you first made a decision.
If you’ve had that experience and you feel that you have lost that trust in yourself that’s ok. You can get it back. You might feel you need to start from scratch. That’s all good. You got this.
Now the following might seem to be doing the opposite to what I’m advocating for but stay with me. I believe you need to cut out all the decisions you don’t need to make to give you the decision power to make the ones you need to. It has been written that we only have so much decision making power every day and from my experience that is true.
So, here are some hacks you can use to speed this process up by using habits and technology to make decisions for you. For example, a simple choice like which way to go to work today. That’s a decision you don’t need to make. Let Google or Maps make it for you. I used to do that every morning and start the day knowing I was going the fastest way to work.
Another is laying your clothes out the night before. Starting the day with having to make fewer decisions helps you make the bigger ones easier.
Good decision habits are actually easy to get into once you start removing the things that make them harder.
Simplifying your routine, buying better food, using technology and getting good support will make making what you believe is good decisions simple.
Plus, knowing you can change your mind means you can make them faster. If you always ask the question, “Will this move me forwards?”, you will have better decision making power than 90% of the population [I made that stat up].
Today, look at what you can do to help you make better decisions and remember there is no one coming but you’re awesome and you got this!
Have a great week.

Quote for the week
“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”
― Michelle Obama
Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash