This week’s MondayMotivator – Uh oh! I’m late with today’s MondayMotivator


Pilots do it. Formula One drivers do it. World champion athletes do it. Builders do it. Electricians do it.

Just about everybody who is committed to being a professional, does it.

Well might you ask, what is it that they all do?

They all have a checklist, to make sure that they are performing to their best.

Some professions are legally bound to use a checklist and it is a critical part of their training, as you would expect is the case of an airline pilot. So we must use a checklist, and let’s not rely on our memory to make this happen. Let’s print it out and proudly display it wherever and whenever we need to see it.

At the start of each day, just prior to whatever you’re doing, for example a sales call or whenever we need a boost check your list.

When I was involved in the New Zealand Sales Insitute we had an Emergency Sales Survival Checklist which highlighted the six critical issues for preparing for professional performance in the sales game. I think these can apply in other equally well.

They are:

  1. Putting yourself in the right frame of mind. (Are you in the right mood?)
  2. Getting prepared. (Are you well organised?)
  3. Knowing what to say and when to say it. (Are you well planned?)
  4. Getting excited and motivated. (Do you want to win?)
  5. Creating an environment of enjoyment and fun. (Smile.)
  6. Visualising customer agreement. (Or imagining the Result.)

If you think this list is useful print it, and display it wherever you need to have it. In your diary. On the sun visor. Inside your briefcase if you have one. On your phone is a great place. You can have it as your home screen or lock screen. You could even turn it into a screen-saver on your PC or laptop. Whatever you do, put it everywhere. It will regularly provide you with extraordinary fuel to perform to your best.

As the Olympic motto says, “Enter the arena. Make the attempt. Give of your best”

Have a great week.
Glenn Edley

Quote for the week
Seize the day! It’s the only one you have right now.
– Glenn Edley