Don't know how to relax?

Relaxation is vital for a healthy mind. — but ever feel like you’ve forgotten how to?
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In today’s world, relaxing is something a lot of people don’t take time out for. However, relaxation is vital to a healthy mind, helping to maintain motivation and interest in our careers, lives, and ourselves.

So if you need to relax and don’t know how to start, here are some tips:

Learn to just say “no” – don’t overburden yourself.

Ask yourself – “If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, would all these things I am worrying about really matter?” – you’d be surprised how many times the answer to this question is “no”.

Put your favourite music on and turn it up! Dance around the lounge room — who cares who’s watching?

Play with your pets.

Go for a drive – we are lucky in New Zealand to have amazing places within a 20 minute drive.

Go to the beach.

Draw a picture – remember how much fun it was as a kid?

Get outside and do some gardening.

Go for a walk in nature.

Make a list of your favourite ways to relax, put them up somewhere you’ll see them, and use them to remind yourself to take some time out. Just relax.

Glenn ‘Rancho Relaxo’ Edley
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