What is freedom to you?

Apart from a fantastic George Michael song…
mm freedom - What is freedom to you?

Hi %%First_Name%%,

What is freedom to you?

Is it standing on an isolated beach, staring at the horizon, knowing you’ve deserved this break?

Is it waking up when you want to or not having to go into the office today?

Today though, I am talking about your own mental, emotional and intellectual freedom. The freedom that cannot be brought or taken away by anyone. You could be locked up and still have this freedom.

It is a choice and an attitude that, like the quote says, you have to keep doing everyday in your own way.

In what seems like a galaxy far away now, Mikey Havoc had a habit of yelling out an invigorating “FREEEEDOOOOOOMMMM” with people on his breakfast show. This would set you up for a terrific day.

Try yelling it out your back door one day or next time you’re camping. It is very refreshing. Doing it at the office or in your local café can get you some strange looks though.

I do feel a good yell at the world has something going for it. But, it’s hard to describe unless you have done it. So try it today. At the very least it will wake your co‑workers up.

Glenn ‘Braveheart’ Edley
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