YourMondayMotivator: When do you give up?

How you do you know when to give up on something?
Something you are passionate about and have put a huge amount of effort into but it’s just not paying off?
When do you call it quits? What questions do you ask yourself when you think you are about to call it quits?
Should you hang in there and not let go like a dog playing tug of war? The dog has a stronger jaw than you, and bigger teeth, but it’s the predominant image in these situations.
tugowar - YourMondayMotivator: When do you give up?
People put in more time, more effort, more money and then when it all goes pear-shaped it does so in a massive way. Smart business people who know better have been left with nothing. Their families in quite a bad way financially and emotionally. The trust is gone and families break up.
That is not a good situation to be get yourself into. So why do we do it? Why do we hang in there and have amazing stories about people giving up and then the next person finding diamonds in their backyard told to us?
Because we know that if someone, one person, just one, ‘gets it’ life could change forever. And we hate being quitters, it’s really not in our DNA, but it could be holding us back – even as a country. In my opinion the DIY mentality is past its used by date and is holding a lot of people / businesses back.
This week look at things you are doing with an objective view and ask the hard question, is it time to quit or get help?