YourMondayMotivator: I’ve got a question …

For some time now I’ve been struggling with writing a MondayMotivator every week. The inspiration just didn’t seem to be there and I was questioning myself about whether I am the right person to be writing a MondayMotivator now.
Over the weekend I had the thought that I was asking myself the wrong question every week and needed to ask a different one. The question I was asking was, “What am I going to write about today?”
It almost always drew a blank until I started typing and a subject would appear. i’ve written about this before. It’s quite strange to have words appear as you type but if you stop the words stop.
So, I’ve come up with a different question, “How can I inspire someone today?”
question - YourMondayMotivator: I've got a question ...
That question puts a smile on my face and my thinking cap on. Straight away I’m putting myself in a frame of mind that should create better MondayMotivators. I hope so and I’m relying on your feedback %%First Name%% to let me know how I’m tracking.
So I’m thinking if asking myself a new question can open up new ideas for me and also create space / time for exercise it could do the same for you. I like people who ask good questions because they gain better answers. More inciteful ones.
This week ask yourself what could be a better question than the one I am asking now and ask that one. Repeat it. I was surprised at the outcome.
Be great to know what your question is once you’ve nailed it down. Make a comment on the MondayMotivator Facebook page or send me an email.
Have a great week.