This week’s MondayMotivator – Reading. I love it!

unnamed - This week's MondayMotivator – Reading. I love it!

Good morning!

Reading. I love it!

I’ve written about how doing 75Hard got me back into reading more and more every day. It’s one of the habits I’ve kept up and it’s been great to get through more books.

So, why do I read?

I read for two reasons. One, to learn. Two, for enjoyment.

The two books above are the latest two I’ve read. Shop Class As Soulcraft is a deep, deep dive into the value of work. It not only had me reaching for the dictionary but rethinking where the value lies in a what I do.

I like working with my hands because the value is immediately plain. There is an object in front me I can use or I have fixed a problem after coming up with a solution that will work. Yay, when it does.

With email marketing the value is not immediately clear. But with our reporting and client meetings we can see what happened. We know how much time we’ve saved our clients so we have a good idea of the value we add there. Plus, they sometimes tell us, which is awesome.

Artemis Fowl though. Faeries, fantasy and great writing make it a pleasure for me to read books like this. I have the whole series and hope my kids will be into them soon. I can get through one of these books in hours they are so good. I love the adventures they offer and the extra dimensions of thinking they can add to your mind.

Fantasy is not only for children. I recommend you read books like this often as they will do wonders for your mind and your work. Authors like Eoin Colfer, David and Leigh Eddings, J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling have created worlds I enjoy inhabiting for hours on end. Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Manson and Christopher Hitchens don’t quite have the same effect. But, the learnings are incredible.

Books are there to be picked up. A Kindle doesn’t cut it for me or Bill Gates famously. Having books on a shelf might take up space but the likelihood someone else will pick them up to learn or enjoy is far, far greater.

Keep your favourite books close and remember even one sentence from a book can change your life. So, battle through to the end of the hard ones, skim if you have to. Because you picked up the book for a reason and that sentence could be hiding near the end.

Have a great week and keep reading.

Quote for the week
Spaciousness of mind is with us all the time— we just need to access it.