Oh Westfield. You do try hard with your emails but …

Just received an email from Westfield and it looks great except for
some reason the background colour isn’t coming through in my Inbox and
it really lets it down.

Thorough testing would have picked this up.

View the online version in all it’s glory here, http://adjix.com/maqf,
to see what I mean. It looks cool.

Plus where’s the pre-header? Do people even know what one is. I expect
not so I have attached our email elements pdf so you can see what
parts make up a newsletter. Feel free to download it and share it
amoungst your colleagues.

Which then brings up a gripe I have with other email marketing
companies. If you look at the web page title it reads: PunchMAIL – Do
you want to create curves, disguise a belly or flatter your bum? –
Westfield NZ.

This pisses me off because Punchmail in all their omnipotence have
decided to ride on the branding of Westfield. There is a logo down the
bottom as well that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Now granted you might see ‘Powered by Spikemail’ or ‘Spikemail, we
love email marketing’ at the bottom of an email but we keep it small
and part of the look and feel of the newsletter.

CMS based systems like Punchmail add their own stuff in that I feel
ruins most emails. A lot of our clients don’t have anything that says
Spikemail sends it because it’s their email not an ad for Spikemail.

Picture 1.png.scaled.500 300x205 - Oh Westfield. You do try hard with your emails but ...
pdf - Oh Westfield. You do try hard with your emails but ...
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