Your attitude is what counts

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

A mate of mine has been posting that line on negative Linkedin posts lately. And, it got me thinking.

Is it going to be OK?

Is it OK for him to post that comment on peoples negative posts?

By negative I mean posts that rip into the governments response to Covid and generally personal attacks on the politicians rolling out that response.

If he didn’t comment I would have no idea who these people are and not see their posts. But he does and because he’s a guy I consider worth listening to I check out the posts.

Some of them, I agree with the sentiment. The delivery however leaves a lot to be desired. They’re just rants that should probably not have been posted. Like the email or text you shouldn’t have sent. They do however, get a lot of support from pissed off people who can’t get back into the country or whose business has been severely affected.

I also had the thought that it’s easy for him to say. He has a successful agency, lives in a very nice house and owns some very cool things. But, that’s just from the outside right? I have no idea what going on in his life or business so it’s hard to comment on that.

So, it is going to be OK?

Well, that’s up to you.

Yup. I said it. It’s up to you because it’s your response to what’s happening to you that’s going to be the difference to you being OK and not.

Your attitude is what counts here.

Your attitude is the ONLY thing that will get you through this OK.

I’ve been in a shit mental place for some time now and it kept being reinforced by reading the general media and other inputs I was putting into my mind. So I stopped it. I stopped reading it. I stopped talking negatively about the current situation as often as I could. And it worked.

And I realised that his comment that it’s going to OK, is OK. If you can focus for a few minutes each day on the opportunity this last few years is, you will start to spot positive ideas and opportunities that were in plain sight but hidden because of your attitude.

I’m writing this for me too because I believe it is going to be OK and there are more important things in life I have complete control over. And so do you. Take it back, today.

It’s going to be OK.