You are more than your faults

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

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In this weeks, MondayMotivator,

  • Vanity arises when our faults are unseen; faults prevent false pride.
  • Embrace faults as natural and learn from them for personal growth.
  • Acceptance and discipline turn faults into opportunities for improvement.

It is said that vanity only exists when we can’t see our faults. That is because faults are a function of nature to keep us from falling into false pride and self-conceit.

Remember, everything has faults. Even the most sophisticated of modern computer technology is subject to flaws. Sometimes, it seems more than what it should.

So, we all have faults, but that is not the concern. The concern is what you will do to avoid them reoccurring or what you will do to improve them.

Keep in mind you can still be happy despite your faults. The secret word is acceptance. Acceptance admits that you are human and predisposed to human frailty. Acceptance stops you from becoming too proud. As they say, pride always comes before a fall. This saying appears to be true.

You can do something about your faults; it only takes discipline. Discipline is built through habits. Habits need to be tracked until they’re a part of you.

Faults are inevitable realities of human nature. You can let them destroy you, or they can transform you and help your personal development by making you a better person. They are a fact of life.

Thought for the week. Through discipline, I will overcome my faults, learn from them and become a better human being.