Why you should start a Friends Newsletter

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Here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately that Nick Gray helped me with –
Why you should start a Friends Newsletter

You might hate this idea, but bear with me: it could totally change your life. (Or at least your network.)

Everyone knows that businesses should have a newsletter. Email newsletters help us keep in touch with customers, inform them about new products, and re-engage cold contacts.

But what about individuals? Should you, personally, have a newsletter?

I think you should. At the very least, I think you should test it out. This article will show you how by featuring Nick Gray and his famous Friends Newsletter.

Nick’s Friends Newsletter

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, let me tell you about Nick Gray’s Friends Newsletter.

Nick has been writing a newsletter to his friends for over 10 years. He started writing a Friends Newsletter when he saw how much value his own business was getting from engaging customer leads who had gone cold.

Nick thought: what if I could apply this to my own friend network? To friends I haven’t seen or new friends I haven’t met.

He only sends it when he has interesting things to share, which is about every month. He includes links to business articles he has read, interesting YouTube videos, memorable quotes, and personal updates from his life.

He’s never trying to sell something, and he claims to write it “as if I were writing a letter to a good friend.”

Like me with the MondayMotivator, the benefits that he’s gotten from this are huge. People have supported his business ventures, referred him new clients, and even helped pre-order his new book about how to host a party or happy hour.


  • Pro tip #1: Consider asking your new LinkedIn connections if you can add them to your newsletter. Nick does this and has added hundreds of new subscribers by asking every single connection.
  • Pro tip #2: Include a message like this so that people won’t be upset to unsubscribe: “Want to unsubscribe? Just let me know. I won’t be mad, and we’ll still be friends!”

How to Start Your Friends Newsletter

You don’t have to get too fancy: just start by sending out a personal update, and put your friends on BCC.

It is a best practice to always put people on BCC, and never on CC, in order to protect the privacy of your list. When you “graduate” to more advanced newsletter sending, you can use a service like Mailchimp or SendFox to send your emails.

What to Write About

Nick gets a lot of benefits from always sharing a photograph of himself. It makes the newsletters feel more personal, and not commercial. He doesn’t try to include a PERFECT photo, either (that would look too staged). Here are some examples.


nickemail2 - Why you should start a Friends Newsletter
nickemsail2 - Why you should start a Friends Newsletter

These are some topics to get you started:

  • Have you downloaded any interesting apps recently?
  • Have you watched any good Netflix shows, or movies, that you would recommend?
  • Have you tried a new restaurant in town that you love?
  • What is something you’ve purchased in the past year that you would recommend to others?
  • Do you have any major new work projects to mention?
  • Are you or your company hiring for any new jobs that you want to share?


We find out about the best opportunities through our networks. And often times it isn’t our closest connections, but the “weak ties” who introduce us to new clients or jobs.

Using a Friends Newsletter is a great way for you to build and enhance your relationships among a network of acquaintances. Keep it simple, light, and fun. Focus on adding value by including interesting links to things you genuinely care about.

Check out past newsletters on Nick’s site here. Become a friend and if you need help starting your own newsletter I’d be happy to help.