Why do people open your emails? It’s not what you think.

Posted by Spike Email Marketing

You’re thinking it’s my snappy subject line. Nope!

Was it my awesome pre-header? Nooo.

The clue is in the sender field…

That’s right. People open emails because of who they’re from. People they TRUST. Companies they TRUST.

sheriffs badge - Why do people open your emails? It's not what you think.


So, the question to ask then is, how do you get people to open your emails?

I’d always thought I had to follow the whole AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) concept and have pre-headers that follow on from the subject line. Heck, I’ve sold people on that idea because I believed it. It kept you consistent and congruent with your message. It also works.

But data has shown me that’s not true.

People open your emails because they trust you. Hence phishing emails can be successful if they get through because they look like they’ve come from someone you trust.

You’ll notice that I’m using more personal words because I see your business as a person. The interaction with that “person” is your brand, and these days your brand is in the hands of your customers.

When you have an email address you have the key to someone’s inbox. It’s personal, and you have to respect that access.

You’re ALLOWED in because they signed up and gave you some of their most personal information, most importantly their email address.

My hope is that you’re treating that access like gold. If you’re not, you need to start doing that now. Because if they question that TRUST they will do one of two things:

1. Mark you as spam;
2. Or unsubscribe.

CLICK – you’re gone. It’s that simple.

Remember this Mantra: Consistency ➡️ Trust ➡️ Loyalty ➡️ Bars and BBQs.

Be Consistent (do what they’ve signed up for).

Build the Trust. Grow Loyalty and give them GOOD stories to share at Bars & BBQs.

You keep your subscribers and they will open your emails.