What a Great Future

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

javier allegue barros C7B ExXpOIE unsplash - What a Great Future

The Future. Being able to see the future or a version of it has allowed humans to make huge progress. And it appears it is an ability only humans have and it continues to set us apart from the other animals on the planet.

The despair or hope for the future depends on the path you choose.

It seems to me that almost every point in history has been a critical time for mankind and the future depends on the choices we make right now. Today, instead of inculcating in the mind a desire to strive for achievement, extend ourselves, reach our potential, make sacrifices, and choose what is right there is a barrage of instant and short-lived gratification.

This is what makes it so difficult for parents to teach their children to strive for good. The willingness to achieve is being erased from their minds. And in its place shallow but now socially acceptable “careers” that in the main do nothing to progress themselves and so humankind.

Those who choose to be achievers, opt for a willingness to work for what they want because they believe that the world does not owe them a living. They believe their future is a matter of choice.

I have researched the lives of many great achievers in history and have discovered that one of the strongest characteristics of genius is the ability to ‘light your own fire’. To make your own decisions and find purpose in your life. That’s not easy. There will be a lot of obstacles to overcome. But thinking for yourself and visualising the future you could have will keep you going.

We are experiencing another exciting time in history with medical techniques undreamt of a hundred years ago, even 10 years ago. Educational opportunities that were once available only to a chosen few, internet via satellites and incredible advances in almost every area of life.

I regularly like to pause and reflect on the fact I just had a call with someone I can see on the other side of the world through the air. The air! As Louis CK once said, “Everything is amazing and no one is happy.”

The potential is enormous. But what the future holds depends on what we do with it. Youtubers and influencers are only the future if they teach. But are those the ones we’re all watching? We love to be entertained.

However, I’m, excited about the future! The future holds so many opportunities for those who have developed what Charles Donoghue calls an “opportunity consciousness”.

You can have one by thinking in the following way, “I believe that there are many opportunities awaiting me. If I can view them in the right way, they will become reality for me.”

Have a great week.

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