Want to know why New Zealand isn’t growing like it could be?

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot more time with small business owners who want to learn new skills to grow their business. It’s refreshing and it’s great, but, there’s an issue.

They still want to do everything themselves. 

Someone told me that Kiwi’s will spend time to save money. I agree. 

Think about that for a second. … Think of all the times you’ve done it yourself. 

In other countries people will spend money to save time. 

Why do we think that is failure?

Why do New Zealanders think that they can do everything by themselves? Why do they cling to the outdated number eight wire fencing idea?

This mentality is so inefficient and the Olympics are a clear example of what you should be doing if you want to be successful. Who do these athletes hug first? If they’re in team sports their teammates of course. 

But who is the next person getting a hug or high 5? 

That person is the coach. 

The person who helped them get to where they are as a top sportsperson and a highly functioning human. 

The coach helped them through down times and guided them through the good times. They tweak their form. They show them what they could be doing better.  

If you’ve been paying attention to the Olympics you might say, “How about the woman cyclist from Austria who won the women’s road race?”. Well she is one person out of thousands of athletes. She’s a unicorn. 

You are not that one person. You need a coach. You need to think about the most efficient way to spend money to save time.

You need someone who can help guide you and who can look at the numbers so you can tweak and improve things. Someone who can ask you the hard questions and keep you enthusiastic. This person by way doesn’t need to know they’re your coach. They could be online or have written a book. 

There is so much great information and people out there I don’t understand why New Zealanders cling to this antiquated idea that they can spend time to save money. 

It’s holding the country back.

If you’re in business today you need a coach. You might need to pay for that coach. But, you need to find the best coach that works for you. Find someone who can dispassionately look at what you’re doing, give you a very clear view of where you’re heading and give you some ideas based on experience. Ideas that have worked before.  

Forget the Number 8 mentality. Stop wasting your time on Facebook marketing you know doesn’t work. And if you don’t the numbers will soon show you. 

Let’s get this country moving!

Have a great week.