Understanding the Primitive Appeal of Email Marketing

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Get back to basics is the key message I picked up from this article. Focus on your audience and work to encourage, delight or just plain entertain them and you will retain and grow your list and revenue.

Another point made in this article is a very important one about the power of the images you include along with your emails –

“effective images in your email marketing operations add a layer of appeal that goes beyond pleasant aesthetics. In fact, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than standard text selections. Additionally, 90 percent of the data we process during the average day is visual in nature. Essentially, when pulled off properly, images found within marketed emails capture the attention of the viewer and makes the associated text message far more memorable.”

New and interesting content and deals are all well and good but if you include the same exact header image of say…a garden gnome wearing sunglasses in every email you send out people are going to get sick of your emails very quickly.

Read the full article from Elite Email here – Understanding the primitive appeal of email marketing