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How to: Kickstart and grow your business using your existing customers

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Do you have a customer database that resembles a jumbled ball of wool sitting in Mailchimp or another other email marketing platform?

Have you had to suddenly switch to online sales due to COVID-19 and want to make better use of your eCommerce platform?

This training will teach you the email marketing and Facebook strategies and tactics to take advantage of the changing buyer behaviour bought on by COVID-19.

What we will cover has been proven to have a positive impact on business revenue. This training will teach you how to:

  • Organise and segment your customer data.
  • Improve your signup process and get more people to sign up to your list.
  • Write stronger subject lines and call-to-actions for your buttons and links.
  • A/B test subject lines to get the best response from each email.
  • The best time to send and resend emails.
  • Design and build an email template that will get attention and get opened.
  • Use Facebook to maximise the response from each email.
  • Set up a Welcome Email to get people to their first purchase sooner.
  • Create a Marketing Planner to help with content creation and coordination.
  • Organise segments to better target offers to valuable or more engaged customers.
  • Create and implement a plan to re-engage with inactive customers.
  • Set up a dashboard so you can easily track and analyse your communication.
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What we will cover has been proven to have a positive impact on business revenue.

This training will put you on the proven fast track from up and running to sprinting towards results in no time.

You will be provided with the worksheets and documents you need to complete the training.

This training will be provided virtually on a 1 to 1 basis via Google hangouts or Zoom and the recordings of each session hosted on Dropbox for you to review or download.

The training sessions are run over a maximum of 8 weeks at the weekly time agreed upon by both parties.