Spike News: September 2012

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Wow – another month bites the dust! We’ve been busy moving into our new HQ in Glen Eden. We’re hoping you might all come by soon for a visit and a coffee: 9D Westech Place.

Spike Cactus

We’ve had a few visitors already and some ‘Happy Housewarming’ presents… like our spikey friend from Christina @ Intelligent Ink.

As well as the new office, we’ve got a new virtual space too: SpikeHQ.com is finished, so cruise past and check that out also. Our rebrand is fairly well complete, although we’ll be tinkering around as we go, so there will definitely still be more to see.

What hasn’t changed about Spike though is our mantra.
To me, the ingredients or formula to achieving great results through email marketing is simple and I have been having the same conversation for ten years.

It goes like this:

Consistency → Trust → Loyalty → Bars and BBQs

When you consistently communicate relevant, valuable content to your clients, you incrementally gain their trust. As you continue down this track, the trust leads to loyalty and, before you know it, you’ve got positive word of mouth in action: people talking about you at BBQs and bars.

This is the basis of a recent presentation I did for the Unlimited Magazine Business Investment Challenge. The presentation included what I believe email marketing to be about, and the why and how of doing it well. Over the coming months I’ll be breaking that presentation out into a range of short training videos that will reveal the fundamentals of email marketing and be a source of handy tips & tricks.

First though, here’s our initial video trial, which is really just to show you the space and tell you what other exciting bits you’ve got to look forward to!

It has been busy times in Spikeville. Amidst all the other craziness, we’ve been hiring too, so there’s two new ‘Spikers’ on board. This month we introduce Angela.

Introducing Angela

Having run a software distribution company for the last 15 years, Angela brings an entrepreneurial streak and a vast array of skills to the Spike team. Angela will have a strong focus on customer service and will be adding value to our client base, plus she’s fun, chatty and makes good coffee. No doubt you’ll all be chatting to her soon enough and her energy, enthusiasm and willingness to take on new challenges is already a welcome addition in our new space.All about integration

We’ve been busier than usual this month with one of our star clients, working to integrate with Mydesktop, the software that all of the Ray White offices around the country use to do business. In integrating with this software, which originates in Australia, Spike have ensured Ray White offices need only one system that looks after their properties as well as all of their contacts. It also means that we can do the magic that we do more quickly and in a more cost-effective way than what was possible before.

With the integration now complete, the Ray White offices are ready to reap the benefits… The main benefit though is consistency in all of their email communications (remember the mantra above?) and how much time the centralised system will save for administrators and marketing managers who are responsible for getting the communications out each week.

We are also integrated with several more platforms and we will tell you about these in upcoming newsletters.

Till next time. Thanks for reading and if you missed the link above check out this month’s video here.